One of the most important mile-stones in a doctor’s lifeis achieved when he makes the transition from learnedpharmacology to applied medicine. This transition, despiteits importance, often needs to be made alone if he goesdirectly into practice after graduation, if he is fortunate to geta residency he is aided by the resident staff and consultants;but not all residencies are alike and the guidance availableis varied and in some cases even inadequate. There existsa gap between the contents of therapeutic pharmacologyand textbook medicine, between principles of treatment and the problems of drug administration, between theoryand practice. This book aims to bridge this gap by providingguidelines for treatment but the most important aspect isthe inclusion of sample prescriptions that include drugcombinations, dosages and duration of treatment.

Medicine is a huge subject, made even more daunting bythe huge number of drugs in the market. It is difficult,or even impossible, to remember and use availabletherapeutic options rationally, and often inappropriatedrug combinations or dosages are met with. This bookaims to help this situation by providing a core of sampleprescriptions that can be used as such in treatments and asthe physician gets more experience. he can adapt or evenchange these to suit his local requirements.

Trade names are more familiar and are used in prescriptionsso these have been used in the samples; only one tradename of a generic substance is used to avoid confusion, thisdoes not mean any endorsement of a particular brand overanother; but the physician is cautioned against the veritableexplosion of dubious pharmaceuticals and preparations andadvised to choose good quality preparations.

The prescriptions included reflect established medicalpractices, the combinations and doses represent acceptedregimens and should provide appropriate therapy in thestated conditions.

We realize the rapidity with which new therapeutic optionsbecome available and hope to publish an addendum to thisla a book every year and :1 new edition every two years to ensurethat the information contained is always current.

This book should be of equal use to the practicing physician,in both the hospital and general practice environment; wehope this book will be used as a frequent reference and bekept within easy reach on the desk of doctors.

We would appreciate feed-back from our readers and hopeto include reader suggestions in the next editions.

Muhammad Inayatullah
SA Nasir

Multan, 1997