The story of Nishtar's birth is one of passion and enthusiasm, commitment and foresight. A Nishtarian, somehow is never able to cut the cord with his or her alma mater, always remaining connected with pride and involvement that is unique among the other alumni. The drama and zeal that led to Nishtar's creation have permeated into the collective psyche of all Nishtarians, thus when fellow Nishtarians meet, the years peel away and it feels that you have been miraculously transported to the same hallways, the same quad, the same rose garden that you might have left many years ago. This page will collect the resources related to the fascinating history of Nishtar and will host documents, films and picture that chronicle the early days. If you have any relevant material that you would like uploaded, please send this to [email protected].

A docudrama  about the creation of Nishtar by Arsalan Ahmad.There are three parts of this documentary. 

I am uniquely privileged. I wrote a History of Nishtar for the Silver Jubilee Magazine and then again for the Golden Jubilee celebrations. 

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A brief history of Nishtar, and details about Hazrat Rufaidah, the first nurse of Islam. It is in her honour that the first Girls’ hostel was named Rafaida Hall.

Contributed by Dr. Ahmad Yar Ch. FRCP. Consultant Physician Walsgrave Hospital, Wawick University Coventry. UK