Nishtar Medical University (formerly Nishtar Medical College) is a public sector health sciences university located in MultanPunjab, Pakistan. It is one of the oldest medical institutions established after the creation of Pakistan. It offers degree programs in medicine, dentistry and nursing. It is named after Sardar Abdur Rub NishtarPakistan movement leader, and then Governor of Punjab, Pakistan.

Nishtar Alumni Association of North America (NANA)

NANA is a non-profit organization established to promote mutual networking and cooperation among the Nishtarians (physicians trained at Nishtar Medical College, Multan) who currently reside in USA and Canada.
Please note that NANA does not represent an official website of Nishtar Medical College and we do not have anything to do with admissions to Nishtar Medical College.
The details of initial establishment history of the organization are still obscure.