About Us

Nishtar Alumni is the body of graduates of Nishtar Medical College, all the thousands that ever passed out into the world though these halls, armed with the skills to heal, to take away pain, to make whole again. Together, we are a formidable force of good and together we can accomplish whatever we want.

This alumni website is the mother-ship, all are welcome, individuals, locals, bodies like NANA and UKNA. Those who have stayed on in Nishtar and those who have gone to the farthest corners of the world. It provides a platform to connect, discuss, help and grow.

This website is the e-home of all of you Nishtar Graduates; physicians, professors, surgeons, scientists or whatever you have chosen to be. We urge you to explore what this site has to offer. Look into the directory pages, see if your credentials are current, if not contact us and we will make it so.

The alumni is part of Nishtar, it is a partner with Nishtar in helping to bring new ideas, resources and any other help possible to help Nishtar, Nishtarians and eventually the patients that come in through these gates hoping to get the best possible treatment, with compassion, respect and honesty.