Just Nishtar

Nishtarians can never get enough of Nishtar and every student invariably takes dozens of photographs of the tower, the quad, the college building and whatever fascinates him or her. 

This page is dedicated to pictures, artwork and other forms of digitized creative expression (drawings, paintings, posters, poetries and essays)  of Nishtar. Old, new, in colour or black-and- white.

If you have anything that you would want uploaded, please send these to [email protected]


How the Nishtar Flag, Crest and Motto came about, in Prof. Jamal Bhutta’s words. From the history of Nishtar in the Silver Jubilee Magazine of Nishtar

Interpretation of the Nishtar  crest, designed by Prof. Jamal Bhutta

Dr. Safdar Ali Safdar, from N1, wrote these beautiful lines for Nishtar. I would love to know more about him and would appreciate any information about him and if he wrote more.

Please email to [email protected]