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Principles and mechanisms

The total project cost is approximately 130 million PKR.

Out of this, PKR 50 million (300,000 USD) are being donated by NANA which will be used exclusively for purchase of equipment and instruments for OR block.

Mechanism for Purchase of Equipment – Instruments

“Works committee” will produce a list of equipment and instruments to be purchased after examining the need of each floor and rationalizing it. Works committee will also mention on their wish list, against each article, whether it can be new, Chinese, refurbished or local.

Works committee will present this list to the “vetting committee” of senior professors for approval. “Vetting committee” will examine this list and will seek all clarifications needed from “works committee”. Once satisfied, “vetting committee” will “vet” it and give it to     “NANA – RCM” for their approval. Once approved by NANA – RCM, it will send the list to NANA head office in USA for approval and onwards conveyance to SPO.

SPO will arrange purchase of equipment and instruments “according to the approved list” through their defined process of advertisement in the national newspapers.

At the time of bidding following will be present:

  1. Works Committee (As end users)
  1. Vetting Committee (As end users and senior faculty members supervising the  Purchase Process)
  1. NANA – RCM (As representative of NANA)
  1. SPO Team (Organizing, coordinating and regulating the purchase process)

SPO will then issues supply orders to the successful bidders.

NANA – RCM, on recommendation of “works committee” and “vetting committee” can authorize release of up to 25% of invoice cost as advance payment if they are convinced that it is necessary to close the deal.

 Supply will be received by works committee. Vetting committee will inspect the supplies and issue a certificate that received goods are correct in quantity and quality.

Only after receiving such a certificate (and a certificate that successful installation has been done – where applicable), SPO will release funds directly to vendors according to their invoices.

 All equipment received in this way will properly be received at Nishtar Hospital main stores and entered as “Donation from NANA” and then issued to the relevant OR / recovery room / Labour Room etc for which it was procured.

Mechanism for Utilization of Funds for Civil Works from NANA

Many friends in the USA are donating money for civil work component of this project. Most are donating one or more OR @ 11000 USD per OR (except first 4 ORs donations which were donated @ 10,000 USD per OR).

–     This money is in addition to and separate from 300,000 USD (approx. 50 million PKR) which is reserved exclusively for purchase of equipment for ORs as mentioned above.

–     This donation for civil work is expected to be between 100,000 to 200,000 USD (20 – 30 million PKR).

–     NANA will transfer this money through SPO.

–     Again “works committee” will identify the component of work that they want do with this NANA civil work donation component.

      They will identify contractors / vendors / workers who can do that work efficiently and at good quality and cost. They will present this recommendation to “Vetting committee” for approval of work as well as vendor / contractor giving all the reasons for choosing a given channel, vendor, contractor.

        Once satisfied, vetting committee will approve it and send the case for approval to       NANA – RCM. Both works committee and vetting committee will be responsible for satisfying NANA – RCM about the proposed expenditure.

         Once satisfied, NANA – RCM will approve this submitted expense and advise SPO to release the approved funds to the concerned vendor / contractor / supplier.

–     To ease up and quicken the process, most of the times “work committee” will be asked to present their case (both in case of purchase of equipment as well as any civil work component) in collective presence of “vetting committee” and “NANA – RCM”. So that after a healthy and open discussion and seeking answers of all possible queries, approval by “vetting committee” and “NANA – RCM” is granted at the same time and sent for final approval to NANA head office.

      NANA – RCM will do it by advising SPO to release these funds to the vendor after approval from NANA head office.

–     NANA – RCM, on recommendation of “works committee” and “vetting committee” can authorize release of upto 25% of invoice cost as advance payment if they are convinced that it is necessary to close the deal.

–     This is the mechanism for utilization of resource from NANA (Both equipment and civil work components).

Collection of Donations for Civil Work (Other than from NANA)

Major bulk of civil work expense (50 – 60 million PKR) will have to be met by donations raised locally from

  • Serving faculty
  • Retired faculty
  • Nishtarians and friends of Nishtar in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Local Philanthropists

For this purpose, following mechanism has been devised.

  • All civil work required has been broken down into 20 components with detailed measurements and approximate costs (please see my presentation slide available at most Nishtarian whatsapp groups as well as on Nishtar Alumni web site).
  • Every effort will be made to convince donors to take up a component (out of 20 components) that suits them, complete it through their own builders / contractors / vendors etc and handover the completed component as a donated gift to Nishtar.

eg: Cost of shifting and development of child care centre to another site (abandoned private pharmacy hall in front of ward-4 entrance) is approximately 10 million PKR. One of our friends has already taken it up. So instead of giving us 10 million, empty hall, ear marked for use as child care centre, will be handed over to the said friend, who will convert it into child care centre according to our specifications and hand it over as a gift to Nishtar.

Similarly, we are hoping that many other and especially pricy components like:

  • Building recovery and reception halls
  • Building dirty Linen Shed
  • Building stair and lift component
  • Flooring of all theatre block etc.

will be taken up by various worthy donors, completed by their team (s) and handed over to Nishtar as gift.

In this way, we (that is, the team responsible for completing this project) will only have to handle a relatively small fraction of money.

But obviously, we still will have to collect a lot of donations, keep track of it, spend it judiciously and be able to account for every single rupee that we collected and spent.

Therefore, following mechanism has been developed for collection and utilization of monetary donations for this project.

Bank Account details for the project

A dedicated bank account has been made available for this project with following details:

  1. Bank Name      =      Meezan Bank
  2. Account Title    =      Nishtar Medical University – Multan (ALUMNI)
  3. Account No      =       0503 – 0103 – 428399
  4. Branch No.       =       (0503) BOSAN ROAD BRANCH – MULTAN
  5. IBAN                  =       PK81 – MEZN – 0005 – 0301 – 0342 – 8399

–       There is zero starting balance in this account. 

Financial team is the signatory for this bank account:


                        –           Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmad Gill Sb

                        –           Dr. Shahid Naseem Sb

                        –           Dr. Ilyas Anjum Sb


–           At least two of three signatories must sign the cheque for release of funds.

–           Donations will be accepted ONLY in the form of bank transfer or crossed cheque.

–           No cash donation will be received.

–           No money for any other purpose will be deposited in this account till OR project is completed.

–           This will make inflow of donations completely transparent and traceable to the source and impossible for certain amounts of donations “going missing”.   

–           For utilization of funds in this account,


            “Works committee” will generate a demand that they want to get certain component of work done by using funds in this account.

            They will present their demand to “vetting committee” explaining to them what needs doing, by whom and what cost.


            Once the “Vetting committee” is satisfied, it will authorize the expense.


            “Vetting committee”, on recommendation of “works committee”, can also authorize release of upto 25% of invoice cost as advance payment if they are convinced that this is necessary to close the deal. “Vetting committee” will do it by recommending it to the “finance committee” for release of recommended amount to the vendor as advance amount.

Once authorized, the “works committee” will issue the work order to the vendor / contractor for that work. When work is completed and “works committee” is satisfied, “vetting committee” will inspect the work for completion, quality and the fact that it complies with the set standards, the “vetting committee” will recommend to the “finance committee” for release of balance amount (total amount minimum the amount already given as advance) to the vendor.

Therefore, all the donation collected and utilized will be through bank transfers, crossed or named cheques with no cash transaction what so ever.

It will ensure, that the whole operation is transparent and complete money trail is present. As Dr. Dure Sabih Sb put it “The path from money in the bank to tile on the floor” will be clearly defined and available for audit.

This document about operational mechanism is being shared with all concerned on all possible groups for:

  • Any critique
  • Any suggestion
  • Any improvements

After incorporating all workable suggestions this will be presented in Nishtar Medical University’s, academic council meeting scheduled on 13th October, 2020 (Tuesday) for approval.

I am confident that, انشاءاللہ not only this will make this project ideally transparent but will also teach and train us as a team to develop a very robust mechanism to plan and complete even larger projects on similar footings, attracting complete confidence and satisfaction of all donors.

I thank you all for you help, cooperation, confidence and especially thank you in anticipation for your input regarding this document.

May Allah be with us all in our noble intention. آمین    

Iftikhar Hussain Khan
Nishtar Medical College, Multan

Principal's note

The Principal, Nishtar Medical College is committed to keeping donors abreast of the latest updates and progress of the projects to keep the whole process completely transparent. He will frequently write updates that will be shared across batch groups via the whatsapp master list group (Nishtar Lists) but for record, all of his communications regarding project updates will be present here on the website too.

Click on the image to access the document created on 05.10.2020.

Principal's note about these projects

Projects 1,2 and 3 are large and cost avid projects and cannot be done in segments. Therefore, for these projects, complete reliance is being made on Government of the Punjab.
As against these, rest of the projects (4 to 7) involve lower costs and especially 6 and 7   can easily be done in multiple stages or segments, each supported by different donors.

Participants in this forum therefore, in my opinion, should consider making their valuable contribution towards one of these (4 to 7) projects. 

Outline drawings (so that potential donors can understand which area we are talking about) will be posted along-with measurements and cost estimates on all appropriate sites including Nishtar Alumni Web Page.
Potential donors can choose any number of areas.

They will be given a list of potential contractors OR they can ask their own constructor / contractor to do the job.

 Nishtar admin action group based in Nishtar, will:

  1. Provide guide lines for work (what colour and type of marble, general design pattern etc).
  1. Keep an eye on quality of work.
  1. Ensure seamless match between work in different areas of the hospital and to ensure that they match and look homogeneous even if different segments are done by different contractors at different times.