It gives me immense  pleasure to write the preface of Text Book on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. This book will find considerable success in meeting the need of the undergraduate students in Forensic Medicine.

l have tried to reduce vast field of Forensic Medicine to manageable proportions by emphasizing the underlying principles.

A scientific evaluation of this discipline must discard the Medicolegal Mythology that still pervades much  of forensic thinking writing and practice. The Scientific stand point is only one acceptable if the forensic expert is to assist our courts in the administration of justice.

l am thankful to Dr, Azhar Tanvir, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Mughal, Dr. Mian Abdul Rashid.’Dr. Tariq Bashlr Ch_, Dr. Muhammad Shah Hashmi, Dr. Sajjid Hussain lmami, Dr. Azhar Munir, Dr. Mansoor Ali Khan. Dr. Aijaz Latif. Dr. Shehzad Ahmad. and Dr. Rafi Ahmad for sparing their valuable time in giving concrete suggestions about the subject.

My thanks are also due to M.A. Mirza PA/Stenographer N.M.C. Multan who took great pains to un undertake the Laborious typing work of this lengthy manuscript. My thanks to to Mr. Umar Khan, the publisher who constantly inspired me to further improve. l am thankful to Dr. Furuki Aziz bhutta Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad and Dr. Nabila Tariq for their help in preparing the Index of the Book.

Dr. Niaz Baluch

forensic medicine Prof Niaz Balouch