have advocated a natural, gradual, day by day, Step by step, sequential approach to. Personal development. My feeling is that any organization / department, whether it deals probably not always based on correct principles.

Over the period of my practical life since early 1980s, I observed that fluid therapy had not been properly taught, poorly under-stood and poorly practiced. All the patients in general and critically will patients in particular need careful fluid, electrolyte, acid base and Nutritional management.

l have tried to simplify this subject based on physiological facts. This book is written for those doctors who contribute to the care of critically will patients, and those who are studying for post-Graduation.

l sincerely hope that physicians of all disciplines will find this book to be a valuable resource of practical information.

Prof: Dr. Mehdi Hasan Mumtaz

CEO, Medicare Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd.
Multan — Pakistan.


Fluid therapy Prof. Mehdi Hassan Mumtaz