Books on ECG in our country are not easily available. Those present in the market are either too detailed or very expensive. I have been asked by my House Officers and Medical Students for suggesting them the name of a good book. No single book could be pointed out to them which meets their needs. Either they are elementary or they have advanced knowledge. In writing this book l have kept following points in view. (i) Brevity, clarity, simplicity and easy grasp of the average student; (ii) Omissions of complex electrophysiological mechanisms; (m) Provision of plenty of diagrams with maximum relevant information; (iv) Keen eye on keeping the subject interesting and charming in a novel like style with full flow of cadence and magnetic effect on reader’s mind; and (v) Availability of the book on modest price for medical students and house officers.

This book is primarily designed for medical students house officers and busy general practitioners. To get the maximum benefit from this book the reader is requested to consult the relevant figures, diagrams and illustrations while reading the text. An attempt to write a brief and as well as a comprehensive book on ECG for the students is formidable undertaking.


electocardiography; a practical approach. Prof Farooq Nazir