The importance of ultrasound in obstetrics andgynaecology has increased, and it is no longer conceivable to manage obstetrical and gynaecological cases without ultrasound. Great demands are now placed on obstetrical ultrasound for earlier diagnosis of fetal anomalies and risk of subsequent complications. Transvaginal ultrasound offers resolution that is often met with awe when a sonographer or sonologist converts from transabdominal to transvaginal ultrasound for the first time. The introduction of 3D and 4Dultrasound, once considered a gimmick, now has a firmly established place in the diagnosis of certain fetal anomalies; yielding images that are easier to appreciate. Seeing the baby’s face by the expecting mother on 4D is a joyful and reward experience. Doppler adds unique information about fetal and fetoplacental physiology.

Dr. Durr-e-Sabih with his extensive experience in women’s ultrasound imaging and access to images through international resources has brought a new dimension to the third edition. The book retains the original ‘gamut’ format of organizing the differential diagnosis in various obstetrical and gynaecological conditions.

The book is illustrated with images from clinical resources supplementing the text.  Where possible, these images show a range of findings that can be seen in normal and abnormal situations.

RAL Bisset
Nigel B Thomas
Ali Nawaz Khan

differential diagnosis in obstetrical Ultrasound