Ultrasound evaluation is increasingly being considered an extension of the physical examination, the ultrasound machine a tool as necessary for the physician as the stethoscope. Similar to auscultation, ultrasound is an operator dependent technique, and should be taught in the same way, ideally on a one-to-one basis in a ward or an ultrasound laboratory. Like “clinical methods” explaining the technique of physical examination, there is a need for “ultrasound methods” too. Although a number of books are available on this topic, most are lacking in the practical aspects of the technique of ultrasound examination; this book is an attempt to make up for this.

Written simply, with a minimum of jargon, a lot of humour, and even more illustrations. it makes for easy reading but packs a lot of weight. This book should benefit the physician who wishes to set up an ultrasound practice but who has had no previous exposure; this should benefit the physician who has had basic training in ultrasound but would like to have a practical manual at hand listing the do’s and don’ts; and this should benefit the physician who is merely curious about what ultrasound really is, what it can and cannot do.

primer of practical ultrasound first ed